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Company Profile

  • Capital: NTD 60 Millions
  • Annual Revenue: NTD120 Millions
  • Year of Establishment: 1992
  • Employee: 60 people
  • Business Activities: OEM, ODM, Manufacturing
  • #Main Markets: America , Japan , Taiwan

Contact Information

  • Address:No.1-14, Mei-Kang-Heng-Hsiang, Mei-Kang-Tsun, Ta-Tsun-Hsiang, Chang-Hua County, Taiwan.
  • Tel: 04-8524553 ; 04-8528360
  • Fax: 04-8536810 ; 04-8530135
  • E-Mail :
  • Website:

The Three Convictions of Suntary

  • 【1】Entrepreneurial spirit: persistence and hard-work
  • 【2】Quality Policy: detailed process of quality inspection and self-discipline.
  • 【3】Management: growth together & Excellent Service
Suntay Industrial Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer, specializing in Customized Metal Sheets / Plates for a vast range of applications. Established in 1992, Suntay now has a dedicated staff of over 40 people as of 2008. The company has the know-how, the state-of-the-art equipment, and most importantly, the highly-skilled personnel to provide the following products and services: Laser-Cut Metal Sheets for Machine Cases Metal Sheets for Machine Parts Metal Sheets for Tool Boxes Metal Sheets for Control Boxes Relevant Car Accessories and hardware, etc. Suntay Industrial Co., Ltd. prides itself on meeting the ever-changing technology needs as well as making high quality tailor-made products for our clients from different fields. We provide our customers with 【1】 Quality Guaranty 【2】 Reliable Delivery【3】Prompt Service.Utilizing a wide range of innovative techniques with NC machines and equipment as well as fully-automated manufacturing process and computerized system management, Suntay Industrial Co., Ltd. strives to not simply meet but exceed the requirements set by our customers. Our precision knife molds can be used for the cutting on all kinds of materials, such as paper, plastic, sponge, leather, soft magnet, and wood Recognized for excellence in metal plate forming industry, Suntay Industrial Co., Ltd. focuses on providing total solutions in integrated die-cutter development for our customers' metal forming challenges. We provide the highest quality products with reliable manufacturing capability and services. With fully computerized operation, we can meet our customers' requirements for quality products as well as delivery. In order to achieve even better die-cutter quality and to take up new challenges of metal forming, Suntay Industrial Co., Ltd. has introduced high-tech Curved Knife Machines, Laser Cutting Machines and various kinds of Cutting equipment as well as Industrial Microscopes and Mold Testing Press Equipment. With the rapid development of factory automation, Suntay Industrial Co., Ltd. as one of the leading suppliers for precision Metal Sheets / Plates, manufactures and develops innovative products that meet customer requirement in every industry, especially the electronic industry, paper industry, and sticker industry. With the ability to produce unique knife moulds, such as West Wave Knife mould and Trade Mark Knife mould, Suntay Industrial Co., Ltd. has the confidence to meet all kinds of needs of our customers. All of our staff members believe in “self-discipline, quality-control, prompt-delivery” to satisfy our customers. Let us serve you wholeheartedly!